No excuses…

Right…so much for a post a week.  I think I need to concede defeat on that, regroup and re-start the campaign: at least get stuck back into it.  Basically I need to get something up here!

On the plus side, an amusing anecdote: my girlfriend and I had dinner at my friend’s flat the other day, he of the challenges.  His wife had just completed her first half-marathon and in celebration of this fact (and because none of us really wanted to cook properly), we ordered in pizza.  My friend set himself his own wee challenge.

If you order pizza online (on the face of it, a new low for communication and conversation, as you now don’t even need to speak to someone to order, let alone go and collect the pizza), there is a section on most websites for “any other instructions.”  This is for things like “ring buzzer marked 6”, or “use back door to avoid dogs” or other things to help the delivery wallah get to where he needs to be.

My friend had heard that you could put practically anything in there, like “put the pepperoni in a smiley face shape” or “draw Santa on the box”, and the pizza company would oblige.  Probably.  Well, within reason.

As a quip, I suggested that we ask them to draw a duck on each of the boxes.  We had had more than a couple of Pimm’s by this point, and that was the most hilarious suggestion ever.

Never before have four adults been more excited about the prospect of receiving pizza!  We waited with bated breath…

…for these!

Needless to say, the delivery wallah was met with four very happy campers and got a big tip!

I’m sorry but this says something about this particular company.  They clearly have a sense of humour, and it made our night.  My friend’s wife was very pleased with herself and her celebratory meal.  And we will certainly order from them again, just because they drew ducks on the boxes, regardless of the fact that they made very good pizzas.

So now a challenge for any readers out there: next time you order pizza, do it online, and put something special into the “special instructions” box.  Let’s see who cam come up with the most outlandish, and successful suggestion.

Good luck!

P.S. I know this challenge has nothing whatsoever to do with ducks, just in case anyone wants to point that out…

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