A new addition…

First a grovelling apology: it’s been ages since I wrote here.  I’m sorry, and I’m grovelling.  I hope this small ditty somehow makes up for my lack of duckery.

In something of a break with the tradition of the challenge set me by my friend, I am not going to talk about a species of duck, but about one individual


in particular.

I would like to introduce a new addition to my household.  He was a gift from my girlfriend and his name is Bertie.  Here he is, in all his anseriformous glory.

Bertie is the most elegant of drakes, standing proudly on my window sill, surveying his new empire.  He is quiet and serene, not given to quacking at guests or invaders.  He has made friends easily and gets on well with the two penguins also in my living room.  He embodies grace and charm, is sleek, smooth to the touch and lovely to look at.  I like him very much indeed.

That’s it for now.  I promise a lengthier post in the very near future.

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