Hello world!

For no reason, other than that I like them, I have decided to become an expert on ducks.

I am not an ornithologist.  I am not even a scientist.  I am by education an historian and work in an office.  For years I have been reminded, every time I see one swimming gracefully on a stretch of water, that I really like ducks.  I like the sound they make.  I like the way they walk.  They have an elegance in flight and on water.  Had I the means, I would own a Mallard duck and drake, and name them Hilda and Samson.  The names amuse me, as do the ducks.

For the record I also like the taste of them.  Theirs is my meat of choice, but it is sometimes pricey and, because of the oils in the meat, not one to have every day. Duck meat is my treat.  I mention this, not to put readers off, but to let readers know that this blog will be about everything to do with ducks, and to let them know that it is possible to like everything about a particular animal, and still like the taste of them.  I once mentioned to  friend – who really likes horses – that they were also delicious.  It was weeks before they forgave me this trespass.

So there is it.  This blog will be about my journey to becoming an expert on ducks.  The blog will include interesting factoids, random pieces of information, and also any recipes or dishes that I come across which I think are worthy of a wider mention.  My first task is to find out the technical term for an expert in ducks.

I hope you enjoy it.

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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Pete says:

    soooo….. what’s a duck expert called?

  2. Pete says:


  3. Pete says:


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